Efterpi N. Vlaserou

Speciality Pathologist
Degrees Medical school of the University of Bari (Italy)
Areas of Expertise
  • Pathology
  • Hepatology Clinic receiving liver biopsy -education in Diabetes- Liver Ultrasound
  • Intensive care
Office Ioannou Theotoki 27-29, Corfu Greece, 49100.
Gender Female

I was born in Corfu, I studied at the medical school of the University of Bari in Italy, from which I received my medical degree in 1994.

I have had a European license to practice since 1994, also the same year I finished my doctora, “Le Vie D ‘Accesso Al Surrene”.

In 1995-96 I served in Corfu at the Health Medical Center of Ag. Athanasios where I did my medical rural.

From 2004 till today I maintain a private practice in the center of Corfu as well as its branches in North Corfu (Sidari – Agios Stefanos Avlioton).

Seminars - Conferences

Clinical Tutorial ``Pylea Hypertension`` (Athens Medical Society).

Diagnostic Approach to Liver Tumors.

Diagnostic and therapeutic intervention of the liver and bile ducts.

Clinical Tutoring ‘Coma’ (Athens Medical Society).

Postgraduate seminar on hepatology latest data.

Sismanoglio GPNA ``Hepatic involvement in systemic disease``.

1st Postgraduate Conference on Hepatology - Chronic Hepatitis - Portal Hypertension. Sismanogleio General Hospital of Athens.

8th Panhellenic Hematological Congress of Athens.

9th Panhellenic Congress of Oncology.

7th Panhellenic Conference of Clinical Oncology.

Annual postgraduate courses on Diabetes.

Imaging in clinical practice.

Panhellenic Hepatological Congress.

20th Panhellenic Congress of Gastroenterology.

Postgraduate courses on Diabetes.

Medical Education


Director of the Pathological Ward of the General Clinic Al.Mastoras

Dermatology Department of Andreas Syggros HospitalINTERN

I did my training at the Dermatology Department of Andreas Syggros Hospital.

Intensive care clinicINTERN

I was trained in the intensive care clinic at the General Hospital of Evagelismos.

Specialist Pathologist at the General Hospital of Athens IppokratioINTERN

I served in the First State Pathological Clinic (Hepatology Clinic receiving liver biopsy – education in Diabetes- Liver Ultrasound) .


I served at the Regional Cancer Oncology Hospital of Ag. Savvas, at the 1st A. Pathological Clinic.

Corfu General Clinic

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