Maria-Eleni Mastora

Speciality Orthopedic Surgeon - Traumatologist
Degrees Medical School of the University of Brescia (Italy)
Areas of Expertise
  • Οrthopedic surgery - Τraumatology
  • General Surgery
  • Hand Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics and microsurgery.
Office 1st km, Ethniki Paliokastritsas, Corfu Greece, 49100
Gender Female

I was born in Corfu in 1968 and completed my academic studies there. I graduated from the Medical School of the University of Brescia (Italy) after passing the tests, and from the University of Milan, where I had already transferred, in 1993 with a “Excellent” mark. My dissertation, titled “Gli Circoventriculari nella Economia Centroperifericoricorente” (The role of the brain’s ventricles in peripheral / central feedback economy), achieved an “Excellent” grade. After that, I was granted a license to practice medicine in the Italian state. I spent six months as an observer at hospitals in London (St. Mary’s, etc.) to familiarize myself with everyday hospital practice and to come in contact with an organized health system.

The majority of clinic patients are emergency or traumatic in nature. With a lot of personal effort, the application of the knowledge I gained during my specialization, and the organization of work in the orthopedic department (including collaboration with excellent colleagues like Prof. Prof. Nikiforidis P. and former Director Mr. Merianos F.), it was possible to transform the usual practice of transporting large volumes of incoming patients to treatment and a definitive solution to orthopedic and general urgent pr. This shift in perspective reflects not just the patients’ faith in the department I oversee, but also the trust of insurance companies both inside and outside the country, whose collaboration conditions are quite stringent. The following activity might be regarded part of the growing medical tourism industry in our nation. Cases covering the whole spectrum of emergency orthopedics and traumatology have been treated with excellent results after 13 years of hard and responsible work (eg fractures of the pelvis treated with closed or open reduction or external osteosynthesis where necessary, fractures of the fingers, as well as shorts. , ankle fractures treated with internal or external osteosynthesis, patella fractures, traumatic ruptures of the Achilles tendon, severe knee injuries with ruptured ligaments and their complete restoration, cervical fractures, craniocerebral injuries, etc.).

I also developed “cold” orthopedics, which allowed my fellow citizens to safely and successfully treat a wide spectrum of orthopedic problems without having to fly to big urban areas for surgery. In this context, I established a cutting-edge arthroscopy section with the help of famous colleagues with vast expertise.

I contributed to modernization through my position on the Board of Directors of the clinical company’s owner, but also owing to my major responsibility for the whole surgical sector, such as the formation of the Department of Laparoscopic Surgery.
The development of Spine and Osteoporosis departments are among the next organizational and scientific ambitions.

Aside from the clinic, I have a private practice in the city center as well as in Benitses, where my patients may book an appointment for an examination.

Medical Education

Orthopedics - TraumatologyDOCTOR

I took up the position of Director of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, as well as a scientific manager of the entire surgical sector.

Hand Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics and microsurgeryTRAINEE

With experience in Hand Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics, and Microsurgery, I finished my training cycle.

Α΄ Orthopedic clinic of KATINTERN

I had the chance to learn excellent information in sports injuries, plastic surgery, and the treatment of spinal disorders, in addition to participating in the treatment of a large number of cold and traumatic cases and fractures.

Orthopedic Clinic of the Nursing Institution Army Share Fund (NIMTS)INTERN

I actively participated in all of the clinic’s activities, especially the surgeries that were executed on a big scale, specifically in the field of “cold” Orthopedics.

General Surgery at the 4th Surgical Clinic of the Army Share Fund Nursing Institution (NIMTS)INTERN

I served the scheduled time of General Surgery at the 4th Surgical Clinic of the Army Share Fund Nursing Institution (NIMTS)

Surgical DepartmentINTERN

I fulfilled the obligation of field service in the Surgical Department of the General Hospital of Corfu

Medical School of the University of Brescia (Italy)STUDENT

I graduated in 1993 with an “Excellent” grade from the University of Milan to which I had already transferred.

Corfu General Clinic

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