Computed Tomography (CT) Section

In the CT department, examinations are carried out in all anatomical areas of the body (brain, visceral skull, neck, chest, upper and lower abdomen, spine, bones and soft tissues) after scheduling with the appointment process either by phone or in person presence.

Useful instructions before scheduling the exam:

  1. For the best service, it is necessary to arrive at your appointment at least 15 minutes early
  2. You should inform the qualified staff about the possibility of pregnancy
  3. It is useful to provide your previous relevant exams for benchmarking
  4. In the event of an abdominal CT scan and for better visualization, it is possible that you will be given an oral contrast solution
  5. In some cases and always following a medical directive, it is necessary to administer an iodinated contrast agent intravenously to delineate vessels and internal organs
  6. In case you have a history of an allergic reaction to a previous administration of iodinated contrast agent or in case you have a history of multiple allergies you should inform our qualified staff during the examination planning process. You may need to be given additional medical instructions.
  7. If you are taking medication, it is necessary to have received instructions from your doctor as to whether you will take it normally on the day of your examination
  8. For any question you can contact our specialized staff

These are those that affect whole body sections (CT of the skull, cervix, chest, upper-lower abdomen, joints, limbs).

The individual examinations are usually performed to a more limited extent than the simple ones, for better image analysis and with special techniques of taking or administering contrast, to highlight lesions which may not be sufficiently reflected in the general examinations of an area (eg for the skull area) can be done: CT of the brain, pituitary gland, bridging angles, stone bones, skull base, nasal cavities-sinuses, eye sockets, visceral skull, parotids, temporomandibular joints, etc.). Respectively there are individual examinations in other areas of the body.

Our facilities

Medical Walk-in Process

Appointment Needed

An appointment is required in order to receive care. To schedule an appointment, call (+30) 26610 43311. If you would like additional information, complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Licensed Professionals

The doctors and nurses who work in urgent care provide excellent treatment. They are licensed healthcare professionals that are well-known in the field.

Cost Effective

We try and have managed to combine economical delivery packages, while ensuring high standards, safety, quality provision of medical and nursing services and state-of-the-art technical equipment.

For emergencies please call (+30) 26610 36044

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