Pain Clinic

In our clinic, personalized medical assistance is provided to eliminate or reduce pain with the main goal of returning our patients to the desired level of activity.


Pain management services are offered with the most modern invasive and non-invasive techniques, while a complete rehabilitation program is also given that includes special exercises, instructions for improving nutrition and proper hydration of the body.


Particular importance is also given to the return of sexual activity in cases that have been disturbed due to chronic pain.


The optimization of medication is also achieved with the ultimate goal of reducing medications. In recent years there has been much interest in the pain caused by the use of drugs itself.


The most common painful conditions are the following:

  • Οξεία κεφαλαλγία
  • Χρόνια κεφαλαλγία (ημικρανία)
  • Πόνοι αρθρώσεων
  • Ισχιαλγία-Ισχιάδα
  • Οσφυαλγία-Αυχεναλγία
  • Καρκινικός πόνος
  • Δισκοπάθεια
  • Νευροπαθητικός πόνος (αίσθηση καψίματος, τρυπήματος)
  • Μεθερπητική νευραλγία (λοίμωξη από έρπητα ζωστήρα)
  • Νευραλγία Τριδύμου
  • Πόνος μετά από σπονδυλοδεσία
  • Καυσαλγία (CRPS)
  • Πυελικός πόνος
  • Πόνος γεννητικών οργάνων (μετά από τραύμα παγιδευμένου νεύρου)
  • Χρόνιος μετεγχειρητικός πόνος (μετά από μαστεκτομή, μετά από χειρουργείο κήλης)

Conventional Pain Treatments

At the Holistic Pain Clinic we apply the most effective methods to individually treat each patient, provide greater relief, improve mobility and generally raise the quality of analgesia.

Treatments include:

  • Περιφερική χορήγηση φαρμάκων
  • Υπαραχνοειδή χορήγηση φαρμάκων
  • Διέγερση νωτιαίου μυελού και διέγερση περιφερειακών νεύρων
  • Καυτηριασμό σπλαχνικών νεύρων με ραδιοσυχνότητες R/F
  • Καυτηριασμός άλλων νεύρων με ραδιοσυχνότητες R/F
  • Νευροτροποποίηση τοποθέτηση μόνιμου Νευροδιεγέρτη (Spinal Cord Stimulation)

Medical Walk-in Process

Appointment Needed

An appointment is required in order to receive care. To schedule an appointment, call (+30) 26610 43311. If you would like additional information, complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Licensed Professionals

The doctors and nurses who work in urgent care provide excellent treatment. They are licensed healthcare professionals that are well-known in the field.

Cost Effective

We try and have managed to combine economical delivery packages, while ensuring high standards, safety, quality provision of medical and nursing services and state-of-the-art technical equipment.

For emergencies please call (+30) 26610 36044

Or request an appointment via email form below

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